Monday, December 15, 2014

Celebrating 44th Victory Day of Bangladesh

International Turkish Hope School (ITHS) is proud to organize a Grand Victory Day Celebration of Bangladesh, held on the 15th of December , 2014. Victory was celebrated in a befitting manner and with colorful display of the Bengali culture and its history. The event had turned to bring out utmost festivity at the ITHS auditorium in the main campus. The school organized a two-hour long program to celebrate the magnificent occasion. The program consisted of a Bengali group dance, some beautiful patriotic songs, poem recitation and a drama which exceptionally portrayed the history of the Bangladeshi Liberation war of 1971. The honorable Vice Principal of ITHS, Mr. Yavuz Koca, paid homage and tribute to the valiant freedom fighters and millions of martyrs, who shed their lives for making Bangladesh a free nation. He had shown his humble gratitude towards all the students, respectable parents and the teachers present at the jovial event. Having given their honorable presence in the audience were Mr. Bedrettin Suata - the Honorable Principal of ITHS, Mr. Idris Koken - the Respected Head of Section of ITHS Senior Girls Section and Mr. Zubayr Bayrem - Respected Head of Section of ITHS Senior Boys Section, all being united to glorify the light of the memorable evening. The event had turned out to be a gloriously remarkable one. The wonderful students had mesmerized the audience with their outstanding performances and made the program a huge success.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Terminal Exams Will Start on 11th December

Dear Students,
The terminal exam of 2014-2015 academic year ( First Semester) will start on 11th December and will be continued up to 23rd December, 2014. To see your routine and syllabuses for the terminal exam click here

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Assessment Test Routine for Class 9-12

Entertainment Program of 6th Graders

On the 30th of November, ITHS senior girls section held an entertainment evening for the class six students to perform in various categories of entertainment. The students did a tremendous work in compelling the assemblage, who were the teacher, students along their parents, some admired guests and the administration of the school.
A few out of many outstanding performances done by our senior section junior students some exquisite songs, which had completely won the hearts of the crowd, As well as a marvelous drama giving lessons for education lightened up the importance of knowledge and warned the students about their future. Our wonderful students al choreographed a sensational fusion dance which mesmerized the audience and swept them off their feet.
The fathers in the crowd were called upon the stage with their daughters. They were asked question about one another to test their bonding. All the candidates had done an amazing job in it, proving that a father-daughter relationship never fails. This terrific night also consisted of a sweet little game of musical chairs for the students in the audience who had volunteered to play. Anisha Kamal from grade 8 had won the musical chair contest and the fathers who had come on stage were all given small gifts for their participation as a souvenir from our school.

Sunday, November 30, 2014


When winter rolls around, for the needy and homeless, it’s like the flowers bloom no more. To them, it feels like the oceans reduce to lakes. As we sit at home, sipping on hot chocolate, wrapping ourselves with a warm blanket and watching re-runs of ‘Friends’ on TV, the needy search the streets looking for shelter, clothing and food. 

      It’s getting cold outside, and there are people in our community who are in desperate need of warm clothing. In the spirit of the holidays, we are collecting. 

      What do you do with your old clothes? What’s old for us is a basic necessity for some. If getting rid of clothing, DONATE is the word to remember. Homeless people and low income families need all types of gently used clothing, particularly warm clothes and coats for cold weather, formal clothes (to attend job interviews), kids' clothing (they grow out of them so fast!), and shoes (which frequently wear out).

English Week Activities -At a Glance

 “In today’s world, the usage of English has become so widespread that sometimes it maybe be considered as the major language of communication.”
 To develop the English skills of the students, International Turkish Hope School arranged an “English Week”. The students from grade 6-10 were participating in several competitions arranged by this event. The event consisted of several contests; a debate competition, poetry writing contest, scrabble, spelling bee and a wall magazine competition. The English language and Literature teachers of senior girls section were in charge of the competitions. The “English week” started on 9th November and ended on 18th November. The teachers were pleased with the number of interested students in the each category, and will continue to arrange such events often.
Debate Competition:
The debate competition was a great opportunity for the students to be able to display their debate skills as well as their interest to express thoughts freely and confidently in front of a room full of people,


Arranging different types of festivals lie in the culture of our country. To encourage students and give refreshment to the scheduled school work International Turkish Hope School organized a festival called ‘Food Festival’ that consists of Turkish food like: Wet Cake, Waffles and etc. Many Turkish students, teachers and mothers sold Turkish food items. Other than Turkish food there were some Bangladeshi foods like: Chotpoti. During the ‘Food Festival’ mostly Bangladeshi students and parents came here to taste those delicious food. This event started from 11:00 am and ended at 02:40 pm, the rate at which the food was sold seemed to be surprisingly high, the people who had been selling their foodstuffs were really happy with the response from the students and showed their gratitude.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Badminton Tournament

After the tiring monthly exams, pretty much all the students were stressed out so ITHS Girls Section arranged an indoor badminton tournament for the girls. It was set on a Saturday and the Basketball Court was crammed with students.50 players played and 49 games were played.
Mr. Rockib was the conductor of the matches. On Semi Finals, Zareen Subha student of class 6B lost against Raida Zaman student of 10B. Tashnia Aziz student of class 10B lost against Tashfia Tasnim Tuba, student of class 8B. On the finals, Raida Zaman and Tahfia Tuba played three games and Raida won two games out of three.

Visiting Safari Park...

International Turkish Hope school arranged a tour to Safari park for the students of grade 8. People need break from their daily scheduled life and a picnic is a best solution to that, it also has some educational value to be able to watch animals closely in their natural habitat. The Class teachers Mr. Kamrul and Mr. Shams supervised the trip. The students were enthusiastic about the whole place, explored maybe different types of animals; Macaw, Tigers, Lions, giraffes, Zebras etc. It has been stated that they look forward to such trips more often.

6-A Become Fireball Champion

International Turkish Hope School girls section has arranged fireball tournament for their students this month. The students were enthusiastic as well as excited for this change to take place after a long time. The participants were from grade 6 to 8. The first match was held between 6-A and 6-B, and 6-A took the match with victory. The second match was with 7-A and 7-B, and this time section A won. The following match was between 8-A and 8-B, and again section B proved them worthy. The matches continued between 7-B and 6-B, 7-B made their places to semi-finals. The semi-finals were held between 8-B and 7-B, and 8-B unlocked their way to finals. At last the finals took place and with the final came an incredible match between 8-B and 6-A, and 6-A won the cup with great glory.